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Dear Members:

To all members, prospective members and friends of Grace Lutheran Church:

Let Your Voice Actually Be Heard!

Listen, my beloved brothers, has not God chosen those who are poor in the world to be rich in faith and heirs of the kingdom, which He has promised to those who love Him? James 2:5

             During the month of October, we invite each Grace Lutheran Church member, as well as friends of the church, to sign up for a cottage meeting.  Cottage meetings will be held during the month of October.  We plan that they should last 60-80 minutes.  Our target is 6-25 people in attendance at each, but we will be flexible.  Our goal is a minimum of 100 people participating in this process.  (Pastor would love to see 180!)  All ages who have an opinion to express are welcome!  Even if you don’t sign up, please come when you are free.  You may bring children with you.  If child care needed, let us know!  These meetings will be held at the church in the Fellowship Hall with possibly one to be yet scheduled at Cedarwood.  Pastor Meyer is willing to host Cottage meetings at other locations as well, e.g. someone’s home where they invite friends to join them.  At these meetings, all will have the opportunity to:


· Be inspired, as you see more clearly the hand of God in your life, and His plan at work in His Church.

· Share one another’s insights into the history and needs of our congregation.

· Raise questions about our church and learn about things we are currently doing.

· Affirm what our church is doing well and help identify areas of weakness that are opportunities for renewed and new ministries.

· Hear about opportunities to make a personal difference in the nature and ministry of our church.

· In addition to what you say at the meeting you will also be able to leave written comments that will also be included in the materials that make up the final report.

· Have an opportunity to present your name as a candidate to be part of an Interim Task Force.  [Task Force will: work with information gathered from Cottage Group Meetings, commend the good, assess concerns, and take steps to help solve issues.  CARE: Commend – Assess – Repair – Enable.]  The Interim Task Force will work closely with the Council and will put together a summary report that will be shared with the congregation at a Town Hall Meeting yet to be scheduled (possibly January).  If this report is accepted by the congregation it will be shared with District and with our Transition Team Call Committee and the official process for the actual call of our next resident pastor will then be set in motion.

· Have an opportunity to join other ministry teams already in place or soon starting.  With God’s guidance and blessing, these teams will be used to create long term God-pleasing effects on the ministry of Grace Lutheran Church as we continue our interim process and move forward, trusting God and following Jesus, our Good Shepherd.

Sign-up forms are available Sunday mornings in the church Narthex, and will be available during the week at the church office.

Please sign up.  Your participation is encouraged and desired.  You are warmly invited to be part of something that will pay dividends immediately and for years to come as “each part does its work”  (Ephesians 4:16).  If you do not sign up, Pastor and others will attempt to contact you concerning the importance of your insights and participation.

This year is one of those absolutely pivotal times in the ministry of Grace Lutheran Church.  As we cherish the good things of our history, we cannot relive history.  We look to Jesus and with His love and compassion we look at our community around us and strive to see it the way that God wants us to see it.  As we seek God’s direction, He will lead us.  And as He leads us, we will follow.  This truly is a great opportunity for us!  It may well be a pivotal year in your life with Jesus Christ, as well!  Sign up and come to a Cottage Meeting! 

We look forward to seeing you as we move forward together in Christ,

On behalf of the members & leadership of Grace Lutheran,

Pastor Meyer, Intentional Interim Pastor







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