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Dear Members:

Now greet the swiftly changing year With joy and penitence sincere.

Rejoice!  Rejoice!  With thanks embrace Another year of grace.


With Him as Lord to lead our way In want and in prosperity,

What need we fear in earth or space In this new year of grace!  LSB #896 st.1, 5


Anno Domini, the year of our Lord, 2019 AD.  It’s hard to believe that 2019 is just around the corner.  I remember when 1981 (the year I graduated from the seminary and received my first pastoral call) seemed to be so very far in the future.  Now, 1981 is so very distant in the past!  


A lot has happened over the intervening years, in my life and in the life of Grace Lutheran Church.  A lot has happened in the past year, and now we look at the beginning of 2019.


In every good development and blessing, to God be the glory!  Amid every trial and trouble, God has been and will continue to with us to sustain us in His power and grace!  What a joy to see and know that God continues to do great things among, within, and through His people of faith who gather around and share His Word & Sacraments.


I have enjoyed the worship services, confirmation classes and fellowship events that I have had the privilege of sharing and participating in with many of you.  Whether it’s the ‘Blizzard Sunday’ or Thanksgiving Eve, the services of Advent, or the Children’s Christmas Pageant or the Christmas Eve Candlelight Service, I have very much loved the privilege of worshipping with you.


In this new year, I want to encourage you to either continue or start a habit of being in church each week.  A lot of work is put into preparing for our services by choirs, musicians, organists, vocalists, and the many others who help make a worship service happen.  Services that are a blessing to many cannot bless you if you keep yourself away.  Please come and be touched by your Lord as He visits us through His Word, Sacraments and the fellowship of His people. 


I look forward to working with the Interim Task Force (ITF) whose work begins in earnest on January 6.  Pray for this team as they go through the material gathered from the Cottage Group Meetings and as they work to prepare a presentation for the congregation regarding our strengths, challenges, ministry opportunities, and our key ministry focuses going forward.  This is the information that will help us and our District President as we later this ‘new’ year officially start the calling process for our next resident pastor at Grace Lutheran.  And again, start praying for your next resident pastor and his family, NOW!!!


What a privilege and honor it is to be your pastor during this time of transition.  By God’s grace a lot of good things are happening, to God be the glory!  But as we see the hurts and fears of many, we know there is much more to still do.  So, we strive forward, thankful for the privilege of service to the glory of God and for the good of our neighbors.  Many good ideas are being shared, considered and acted upon.  May we, in all things, continue to ask, “Lord, what would YOU have us do?”  And trusting the Lord and His Word, let us continue to move forward in caring ministry and follow where He leads us.


Yes, how quickly the years go by.  How quickly things change.  How different things look, yet, at the same time, how remarkably, things stay the same.  Though our world is changing rapidly, God’s love and grace is still constant and dependable for us with all His people of faith.  And His love, forgiveness and eternal promises, centered in Jesus, continue to offer and supply what is the most urgent need of all humankind. 

Rejoice!  Rejoice!  With thanks embrace another year of grace…… IN JESUS!


                                                                                                Rejoicing with you in Christ,

                                                                                                Pastor Meyer



A most sincere thank-you is extended to all who have remembered us with your prayers, cards, gifts, and many other personal kindnesses during the Christmas season and throughout the past five months as I have been serving as your Intentional Interim Pastor.


Though my wife Sue is not often able to be with me, she loves the stories and experiences I am able to pass on and share with her.  And yes, I share the edible gifts with her, (at least most of them).  It has been a long time since our freezer at home has been full of meat, Thank you!  I can honestly share that I am enjoying my time among you as your pastor, friend and brother in Christ.  I am excited about the future that God has in mind for you.  I think Fairbury is truly an exciting mission site where there is much to interest and excite a pastor and his family to come and join you in the work and ministry that God has in mind for you going forward.


May God keep and guide us all in His love and grace as we, together, enter “another year of grace”.


Pastor Glenn & Sue Meyer 



Thanks to God’s rich blessings and the faithfulness of the members and friends of Grace Lutheran Church, after all bills are paid, Grace Lutheran will have a surplus entering the new year. 



If ministry support budget surplus for 2018 is $30,000, I propose the following:

$12,000 ‘cash flow’ buffer to begin (& end) the year of 2019.

$10,000 call, interview & moving expenses for call process and arrival of next pastor

$5,000   for Office Equipment (stuff that Lynne & Kay would never ask for but could use). Items like a folding machine (folds bulletins, etc.); Office Copier; bulletin stapler; and new computer for Kay

$3,000   (10% of $30,000) for the University Chapel Renovation, currently being matched by the Dunklau Foundation


[Note: Above details subject to actually having such a large surplus by God’s grace AND the final approval of Council/Voters as they meet in January. 




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