Pastor’s Notes:

The members of the Interim Task Force (ITF) have started meeting weekly.  Keep this group in your prayers as their work is important and will play a large roll in helping us articulate our vision of ministry going forward in this time and place.

We face some unknowns and that can be frightening but also exciting!  This is truly a great opportunity for a new and exciting chapter in the history of Grace Lutheran and the work of ministry in our surrounding area.

Trusting in Christ and being nurtured in God’s Word, Sacraments and the fellowship of His people, we can AND WILL move forward, together!

The Members of the Interim Task Force (ITF) Alysia Diller- Ron Duensing- Tammie Duensing - Phillip Fees - Jan Klaus - Ted Luebbe - Rev. Glenn Meyer - Kay Onnen  - Neal Onnen - Marvene Rogers - Sheryl Schoenrock - Dena Skiles - Ethan Vonderfecht - Sherril Wegele 

Altar Guild is looking for new members.  We need about 4-6 women.  Please contact Jan Nance (402-729-6613) if you are interested.