Grace Lutheran Newsletter

Miscellaneous News & Notes


Thanks to all who attended the Town Hall Meeting between services on Sunday, March 24.  The Interim Task Force shared a summary of the information gathered from the Cottage Group Meetings of last fall with additional information included from our conversations, meetings, and area demographic studies.  (Included in this newsletter is a copy of their summary report.)  A key part of their report was our answer to the question: “What should be the TOP THREE ministry focuses of our church going forward?”

-Community Involvement & Visibility through Outreach


-Young Families/Young Adults/Single Parents

We also handed out a Congregation Self-Study Survey that the District office wants each member to fill out.  It helps complete the snapshot of our congregation that will be shared with President Snow before his arrival for the Pre-Call Meeting on Tuesday, April 23 at 7 PM.  Copies of this survey are available at the church office and must be returned to church office by April 7.  Copies will also be made available at the church services between now and April 7.


We also handed out a 3 page Some Identified Issues & Opportunities for Ministry Growth Going Forward.  Copies of this are also available at the church office. 

I include just a few items:

History – With Grace’s Anniversary coming up, have someone compile our church’s History.

Archives storage place for Grace,  & Trinity, Gladstone & Trinity, Jansen.

Flags – Have a group from Grace volunteer to assist with flags at the Courthouse for holidays.

Name Tags – Make permanent name tags for members and keep them at church.

Create a Membership Picture Book – (to be kept in the church office, available to all).

County Fair Booth – Grace volunteer again at the Jefferson County Fair Ministerial booth.

Focus on Young Families – Offering earlier Lenten services for young families has been well received by several younger families and others.  Other ideas to be added. (in process)

Improve Media Presence – Maintain Radio Broadcast, possibly have live video feeds of services on YouTube, website, or an app.  Update website, use Facebook and other media sources.

What happens when Pastor Meyer takes a call to his next interim ministry call?  In Pastor Meyer’s last call (Trinity, Lincoln) the new resident pastor was installed two weeks after Pastor Meyer’s farewell.  Of course, there may be some time between Pastor Meyer’s departure (likely sometime this late summer) and the arrival of our next called resident pastor.  Pastor Meyer has done some preliminary work lining up potential pastors/preachers for such a possibility and we are confident that if there is a time of ‘vacancy’ for Grace Lutheran, pastoral needs & services will be covered.  Keep this in your prayers as we begin our call process for our next resident pastor.

We need to continue to move forward in ministry!  We want to keep moving forward, as God leads and directs.  To that end, members of the ITF (Interim Task Force) have agreed to continue to meet, but no longer as the ITF but as a ministry group called the Grace Ministry Action Team (GMAT).  Others are welcome to meet with them and join them in this ongoing effort to identify ministry needs and to help coordinate our ministry efforts here at Grace Lutheran Church. 

In all things, to God be the glory!  May His will be done!


Vacation Bible School will be held June 3-7, 9 AM to 12:00 Noon.  This year’s theme is “Miraculous Mission - Jesus Saves the World”.  A sign up sheet is on the table in the upper Narthex (by the bulletin board).

Also, all those interested in playing the chimes (we welcome all ages), please contact Rose Wiegert (402-806-1472) or Rita Richardson (402-446-0042).


The Fairbury Community Choir Good Friday Cantata will be on Friday, April 19 at 12 Noon at the Methodist Church in Fairbury.  All singers and instrumentalists are welcome.  If you have any questions, please call Barb Bedlan (402-729-2704) or (402-587-1709).