Grace Lutheran Newsletter

Elders & Church Council Meeting

The Elders will meet Tuesday, September 11 at 6:30 PM to propose the 2019 salaries.   

Church Council will meet at 7:30 PM.

Nebraska South District LWML

39th Biennial Convention

September 14-15,

Kearney, NE

The Nebraska South District LWML 39th Biennial Convention will be held at the Younes Conference Center, Kearney, NE, Friday, September 14 and Saturday, September 15.  Details and registration forms are in the Quarterly Echo.  GENERAL REGISTRATION DEADLINE IS SEPTEMBER 5, 2018.

“Gifts from the Heart” ingathering items are as follows:  (1) Mercy/Health Kits - “kit” details are in your spring issue of THE ECHO; (2) New underwear and socks for men, women and children; (3) Quilts - any size; (4) School supplies and (5) Shampoo/conditioner (regular and travel size).

  We are collecting school supplies.  If you wish to donate any of these items, please bring them to the box by the front door by Sunday, September 9.












Silver Social Club meets Sun., Sept. 9 at 1:30 PM.

Ladies Aid meets Thurs., Sept. 20 at 1:30 PM.

Quilt Tying will meet Monday, Sept. 10 at 1 PM.

Mary Circle will meet Tues, Sept. 4 at 1:30 PM with Kay Onnen & Helen Fegter as hostesses and Susan Bauer as topic leader.

Abigail Circle will meet Mon., Sept. 10 at 7:30 PM at the home of CJ Freese.

Ruth Circle will meet Thurs., Sept. 20 at 10 AM at Cedarwood.









Miscellaneous News & Notes

Items needed for Youth and Family Recognition Sunday on September 16:

Fake Beard

Lion’s Costume

Long Hair Wigs

           Toy Sword, Helmet/Shield

A “Bible Story Photo Booth” is being planned where the children can dress up as their favorite Bible character during the Sunday School hour.  Please bring them to Kay’s office before Sunday, September 9.  Thank you!!